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March 14 Stibnite Advisory Council Meeting Summary

Published on March 15, 2019   The Stibnite Advisory Council gives communities a seat at the table with Midas Gold and the opportunity to help shape the Stibnite Gold Project. The council meets monthly to discuss the impacts, concerns and opportunities surrounding the project. The Stibnite Advisory Council is comprised of appointed representatives from eight […]

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Why Midas Gold Supports Boise GreenBike

Published on March 11, 2019   Midas Gold is a proud sponsor of a Boise GreenBike hub in Camel’s Back Park. We’ve sponsored the hub for the last two years because we believe in promoting actions each one of us can take to help the planet, like riding a bike instead of driving. Additionally, we […]

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Five Years Later, Remembering the Avalanches

Published  on March 10, 2019   During the winter, the team at Midas Gold works hard to help keep Stibnite Road clear of snow and safe for everyone. Five years ago, the team had to work harder than usual when a series of avalanches hit. We thought it was worth going back into our archives […]

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Keeping Roads Open During Winter

Published on March 5, 2019   During the winter, the snow stacks up at Stibnite. In fact, it has buried cars and covered roofs several times these last few weeks. Snowy winters are a big  part of the Stibnite Mining District’s rich history. We have photos of the area from the 1940’s that show the […]

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Efforts to Update 1971 Mining Act Advance at Statehouse

Published on March 1, 2019   IMPORTANT UPDATE: Midas Gold is happy to report Idaho lawmakers successfully passed House Bill 141, strengthening reclamation laws in order to protect Idaho lands and Idaho taxpayers. Idaho Representatives took a major step forward to protect Idaho’s lands and taxpayers by passing House Bill 141 today. The bill, which […]

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