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Belinda Provancher regularly hosts virtual gatherings for members of the community to connect, learn and get their questions answered. Reach out to Belinda to schedule a coffee klatch or to learn about upcoming dates.

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December 2022 Supplemental Draft EIS Briefing
December 2022 River & Fish Ovreview
November 2022 Renmark Virtual Non-Deal Roadshow
November 2022 Stibnite Gold Project Designed with Solutions in Mind
November 2022 Infrastructure Webinar
October 2022 Renmark Virtual Non-Deal Roadshow
October 2022 Mines and Money Interview
June 2022 Renmark Virtual Non-Deal Roadshow
June 2022 ESG Webinar
April 2022 Money, Metals & Mining Conference
October 2021 Project Update
September 2021 Gold Market Fundamentals
August 2021 Ambri & Perpetua Powering the Future
July 2021 Stream Restoration
June 2021 Fish Tunnel
May 2021 Modern Mining & Social License
May 2021 Tailings Storage Facility
May 2021 Antimony
April 2021 Solutions for the EFSFSR
April 2021 Off-site Infrastructure
March 2021 Permitting Update
January 2021 Water Quality Webinar
Stream Restoration Webinar
Project Overview Webinar
Tunnel Design
October 2020 Financial Assurance
September 2020 Offsite Infrastructure
September 2020 Tailings Storage Facility
September 2020 Reclamation
September 2020 Water Quality
August 2020 Alternative 2

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