SDEIS Comment Period Closes with Strong Public Support

SDEIS Comment Period Closes with Strong Public Support

The 75-day comment period on the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement for our Stibnite Gold Project wrapped up on January 10 with more than 15,000 letters submitted in support of the project. This marks a major milestone in the permitting process and moves us one step closer to a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision on the project.

“The Stibnite Gold Project can secure the only domestic antimony reserve to protect our national security and support America’s clean energy transition, restore an abandoned mine site and provide hundreds of well-paying jobs to Idahoans. Today, we are proud to say we are one step closer to making all these benefits a reality,” said Laurel Sayer, President and CEO of Perpetua Resources. “The momentum and support behind our project grows stronger every day. We are grateful to the thousands of people who took the time to participate in this comment period. Letters came in from the Idahoans who live closest to the site, our vendors, recreational groups, lawmakers, veterans and more. While the reasons you support our project are unique, collectively you delivered one clear message. It is time to move the Stibnite Gold Project forward.”

When the comment period closed there were over 18,000 comments in the United States Forest Service (USFS) public letter portal, the majority of those were in support of the project. The high level of participation in the comment period shows the interest in our improved mining plan, which the USFS identified as the Preferred Alternative because of its improved water quality, reduction in water temperature and ability to mitigate transportation impacts by utilizing the Burntlog access route to site.

All of the comments submitted can be read in the USFS public reading room, found here: We wanted to share a handful of letters, showcasing the Project’s widespread support:

Willie Sullivan, Yellow Pine resident: “I have been closely following Perpetua Resources’ plans since they first came into our state, in large part because some of the proposed project will take place on public land and I am a resident of Yellow Pine, Idaho which is the closest community to the Stibnite Mine… It was our group that came up with the proposed Burntlog route that we feel would serve the mine, Village, and the environment best. Our process led to a larger advisory group which continues to function. I find Perpetua to be a company that honors its commitments and truly hopes to do the right thing for those effected by their project.”

Terry Williams, President T & J Enterprises: “Perpetua’s plan to restore the Stibnite site while creating hundreds of jobs for local communities should be approved immediately. As a small business in a small rural community, much like those in Valley County, Idaho, we understand the challenges facing working families these days…The Stibnite Gold Project would bring hundreds of these high-paying jobs to the area and help hard working men and women support their families, buy houses, and save for the future.”

Robert Workman, Cougar Mountain Snowmobile Club: “It is our sense that the Modified Mine Plan – is the best path forward for Idaho. The area surrounding the historical Stibnite mining district is a major draw for snowmobilers from across Idaho. As such, one of our top priorities-along with restoration of the site-is to ensure that access for all recreational groups and individuals continues throughout this project. Thanks to Perpetua’s commitment to transparency and willingness to work with the community, we are confident that those priorities will be met.”

Cecilia Tyler, Retired U.S. Army Colonel: “I could write volumes about why you should approve their application but I want to focus on one aspect – antimony.  The Federal Government has identified antimony as a strategic mineral.  Antimony is not mined anywhere in the United States but will be if Perpetua’s application is approved.  Antimony is needed for Information Technology products, weapons systems, medical uses, a component of mobile phones, and countless other uses.  Antimony is critical to our national security.”

Judith Nissula, Mayor of Cascade: “Experience reminds us that it is important to have a voice in the process. Perpetua Resources has reached out and involved local communities like Cascade in their planning. With the creation of the Stibnite Advisory Council (SAC) Perpetua wants to hear about concerns or impacts that will affect our region. In fact, after reading most of the letters after the DEIS in 2020, SAC approached Perpetua about funding a 3rd party Independent Water Monitoring program and when asked, Perpetua agreed to fund this study and it shows that su rface and ground water at Stibnite are in fact contaminated and Perpetua’s water quality reporting is accurate.”

Diamond Fuel and Feed, Cascade Idaho: “As a company, they take safety and protecting the environment very seriously and they have a proven track record of doing so. It’s been over 82 months since they had a lost time injury. And they actively work with contractors, vendors, their staff and local agencies to continually improve their safety practices to ensure that we all make it home safely to our families and that we protect this beautiful place we call home.”

American Exploration and Mining Association: “Given Congress’ and the Biden Administration’s recent focus on remining as a potential source of critical minerals, the SGP represents an important trailblazing project that demonstrates the feasibility of redeveloping legacy sites that contain critical minerals. Consequently, concluding the NEPA process for this pioneering project has national importance.”

The USFS will now review the comments and finalize a schedule for the remainder of the NEPA process. At this time, we continue to anticipate a FEIS and draft Record of Decision in mid-2023 based on the last schedule published by the USFS.

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