SUMMER INTERNSHIP Sustaining our Skies

SUMMER INTERNSHIP Sustaining our Skies

Published on March 21, 2108


We can’t stop staring at the stars.

Those of us who call Idaho home have the luxury of studying the night sky in all its glory. It is an experience we can’t take for granted.  Therefore, we are thrilled to announce an opening for a summer intern to help us study sustainable practices for industry to use in reducing light footprints, so everyone can enjoy the night sky.


Produce a white paper with findings and suggestions on the application of “dark skies” technology and best practices as appropriate for a remote industrial setting.


Midas Gold Idaho is an Idaho-based company currently in the permitting process for the Stibnite Gold Project (Project) in Valley County, Idaho.

The Project is in an area that has seen mining activity off-and-on over the last 100 years and has many legacies from mining that occurred decades ago. Midas Gold incorporated reclamation of the legacies remaining on site into the plan for the Stibnite Gold Project. The company’s philosophy is that modern mining can leave the site better than it is today.  This vision is unique and this project can lead the way in bringing a more sustainable standard to the industry.


As a part of the company’s commitment to sustainable development and evaluating ideas on how to minimize the footprint of operations, Midas Gold is looking for a graduate-level student to prepare a white paper on the potential for applying modern technology and best practices in industrial lighting applications to reduce light footprints.

Research to include:

  • What technology is used today in industrial settings to control light footprints?
  • What are the best practices in industry? Are any companies currently applying advanced technologies or practices to reduce industrial light footprints?
  • What predictions are there about the future of this technology? What might be possible soon?
  • What regulations exist that constrict or inform lighting practices in industry (MSHA, OSHA etc)?
  • Are there regulatory guidelines or standards that may prohibit implementing modern technology or practices?
  • Proposal for implementing a Dark Skies Initiative for industrial settings to adopt best practices or receive certification


Title: Dark Skies Internship

Timing: June through August

Location: Boise or Valley County

Compensation: $20 hour, approximatley 15 hours a week for three months. Flexible start time.

Contact: Mckinsey Lyon at [email protected]


Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash

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