Sustainability from the Sun

Sustainability from the Sun

Published on June 21, 2015


How solar power is saving thousands of gallons of fuel each year

You won’t find many power lines in the hills outside of Yellow Pine – especially ones connected to the power grid. But in 2009, when we started evaluating the historic Stibnite Gold Project site for future mining potential we needed energy.

At first, we used generators powered by diesel fuel. As our exploration of the site continued, we started looking for alternative energy sources. We found our answer in the sky and today the site is run almost entirely on solar power.

Midas Gold completed its first solar power project in 2012. By using solar power we save 13,000 gallons of diesel fuel each year. During the day, solar panels generate enough electricity to power equipment and charge a battery so we can keep everything running through the night. So far, the 100 solar panels at site have delivered enough energy to keep the system running around the clock.

Solar power has helped us lower our carbon footprint by reducing fuel consumption and limiting our impact on the environment. Learn more in our 2014 Sustainability Report.

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