See Something, Say Something

See Something, Say Something

Published on August 18, 2022

At Perpetua Resources, the safety of our people and our communities has always been our top priority. Our team is held to the highest expectations for safe and neighborly behavior. 

As our project moves forward and we work with new partners, we will expect them to uphold our high standards of safety. In fact, we will demand it because our community deserves nothing less.  

In 2021, our team logged 1,600 hours of safety training. We hold daily and weekly safety briefings and require investigations into any near-miss or safety incidents.  

However, your eyes and ears will also help us keep our community safe.  

If you ever see an issue that you believe needs our team’s attention, we want you to tell us!  

Perpetua Resources is proud to be launching [email protected] This email address is a dedicated channel for our community members to alert us to any safety concerns or to applaud a member of the team who demonstrated safe and courteous actions.  

Our team will monitor the inbox on a daily basis. We are committed to looking into every concern. The information you share will allow us to take appropriate action to ensure we are a responsible and safe community partner.  

Safety is not something that happens by chance. It requires focus, constant planning, relentless dedication and accountability.  

We hope you will help hold us accountable as we strive to advance our culture of safety. If you see something, please report it to [email protected].    

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