We Changed Our Name

We Changed Our Name

Published February 15, 2021


Our Midas Gold team has some very big news to share – we changed our name.  

We are now proud to be Perpetua Resources.  

Before I tell you more about our exciting change, I want to let know what has not changed. We are still the same people, with the same strong commitment to Idaho. The Stibnite Gold Project is the same. And our dedication to using  modern, responsible mining to restore the abandoned Stibnite mining district and produce both gold and America’s only mined source of antimony has never been stronger.   

So, why did we decided to become Perpetua Resources?  

The answer is simple. Perpetua Resources better reflects who we are and what we do. Our name is also our public declaration to always do our part to protect our state’s vast resources for our generation and the many more to come.  

The name Perpetua Resources was inspired by our state seal, which displays lady justice and a miner surrounded by a bounty of resources. Above them reads Esto Perpetua, translated to mean Let it be Perpetual. To our team, the seal is a mandate to be stewards of Idaho’s vast resources. We know through balance and care our resources can sustain and Idaho can prosper. 

Perpetua Resources better reflects our plan to be guided by a commitment to Idaho’s resources and people, our plan to restore the abandoned Stibnite mining district and our plan to responsibly develop the critical resources our country needs for a more secure and sustainable future. We are proud to have a name that helps people understand our values and the sustainable future we are trying to make for all us through mining.   

Now that the company’s corporate offices are located in Boise, it seemed like the perfect time to change our name. Our roots are in Idaho and now our name is rooted in Idaho tradition.  

As I mentioned above, our name is the only thing changing. The Stibnite Gold Project is exactly the same. Changing our name to Perpetua Resources will not impact the current review of the project under the NEPA process. We still anticipate the U.S. Forest Service will release a Record of Decision on our Project late in the third quarter of this year 

Our commitments are also staying the same. This, of course, includes our commitment to the communities closest to the project site and the Community Agreement we signed with eight of them in 2018. The work of the Stibnite Advisory Council and the Stibnite Foundation will continue to move forward just as it has over the past two years. We are proud of the work both of these groups have accomplished and we know we will continue to rely on their guidance as our Project moves forward.   

We appreciate the curiosity, feedback and support Idahoans have shown us over the past decade. Please know our new name is a commitment to you. We are so excited for this next chapter in our company’s history. We hope you will continue to follow along and be a part of it.   

For more details, please check out the release announcing our new name.

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