What is Midas Gold Doing Today

What is Midas Gold Doing Today

Published on January 24, 2018


Midas Gold Idaho wants to keep the community informed about the work we are doing at the Stibnite Gold Project site. The Ask Midas blog series gives the experts in our company a chance to answer some of the community’s most frequently asked questions and help clear up any misconceptions around the project.

 Since Midas Gold is still in the permitting phase of our project, people often ask me what the company is working on right now. It is a question I enjoy answering because there is so much happening with our company.

What is Midas Gold doing today?

We are officially in the permitting phase and planning for the future. We have completed much of our exploration work and, in 2016, we submitted our Plan of Restoration and Operations to the U.S. Forest Service. This plan explains how we would redevelop the site and, most importantly, how we will take care of the environment before, during and after mining. If you want to see the plan and take a look at what we have been working on, it is available for review on the U.S. Forest Service’s and our website.

Before we can begin operations at the project, we need to successfully earn more than 50 permits and licenses from the federal, state and local agencies. We are working on obtaining those permits now. Throughout this process, there will be many chances for the community to provide comments on the project. Keep an eye out for updates on our website for information on how you can get involved.

As we work through the permitting process, we are continuing to study the conditions at site. We regularly collect groundwater and surface water quality samples, monitor the aquatic life and study the geological conditions.

If you have a question you would like us to answer, please email it to [email protected].


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