What is Antimony?

What is Antimony?

Published on August 14, 2015


Just like the name indicates, the hills of the Stibnite Gold Project site are rich in a variety of minerals. In addition to gold, silver and tungsten, the area is also well known for its deposits of antimony – sometimes referred to as stibnite. Antimony, is a key ingredient to powering our lives and the Stibnite Gold Project site is the largest known deposit of antimony in the United States.

Americans use 44,000,000 pounds of antimony each year. As a metal strengthener, antimony is used in batteries, from cell phones to hybrid vehicles, and cable sheathing. Antimony is also a fire retardant and is often blended with textiles, plastics and paints to make them safer.

Currently, the U.S. produces no domestic antimony and we rely on foreign countries, mainly China, for this mineral. By mining the Stibnite Gold site, we could supply approximately one-quarter of the American demand for antimony.


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