Midas Gold Adopts a Reading Program

Midas Gold Adopts a Reading Program

Published on April 4, 2016


The reading programs at Cascade Elementary School are going to the dogs. And in this case, it is a very good thing for students.

To encourage young students and help make reading fun, the elementary school developed the Puppy Pound Program. In the program, first grade students have the ability to adopt a stuffed animal dog after they read a series of books and pass the necessary tests. Each dog comes with a story about its breed so students are inspired to keep reading. Unfortunately, the Cascade Elementary School lost state funding for the program this last year. When Midas Gold learned about the program, we knew we wanted to rescue it and the puppies.

Today, we are proud to sponsor the Puppy Pound Program. So far, during this school year, 11 first graders have read enough books to be able to adopt a stuffed animal.

The Cascade Parent Teacher Organization led the charge to save the program and they say it has made such a difference in the students’ joy for reading. The students who read enough to earn their stuffed animals are so proud. In fact, many of them still have their puppies years after they adopted them from the reading program.

Midas Gold is so proud of all of the students at Cascade Elementary School and their accomplishments. With just a few short months left in the school year, we feel confident all the puppies will find good homes before summer starts.

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