Drilling Down on Safety

Drilling Down on Safety

Published on November 6, 2017


Midas Gold has been exploring the Stibnite Gold Project site since 2009. Our exploration work has included an extensive drilling program. This has allowed us to better understand what type of minerals exist at the site and in what quantities. More recently, we’ve used drilling to understand the geotechnical structure of the soil and underlying bedrock, so our engineering team can make sure future facilities are designed with the exact conditions of site in mind.

The information we gather through drilling will arm us with the data we need to build the safest project possible. And while we’ve been collecting this information, we’ve made sure to do it in the safest manner possible.

Earlier this month, we wrapped up our drilling program for the season and we are happy to report that not only did we collect crucial information we did it without any safety incidents or unintended impacts to the environment. This is only possible because of our wonderful partner, T&J Drilling. We have worked with them since 2012 and from the moment we started working with them they embraced our values of safety and protecting the environment. In fact, for the last 22 months we have had zero safety incidents up at the site and we have gone five and a half years without a reportable spill. This wouldn’t be possible without strong partnerships with our contractors and suppliers.

To show our appreciation, we made a special plaque for T&J Drilling using materials from the site – including a piece of stibnite from one of their drill sites. We are honored to work with such a thoughtful and caring team and appreciate all they are doing to help make the Stibnite Gold Project a reality.

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