The Many Uses of Gold

The Many Uses of Gold

Published on August 26, 2015


Gold is one of the most valuable and versatile minerals in the world and for centuries the most revered. While people have been using gold for currency and jewelry for centuries, today people are drawn to this element for its unique characteristics. It is easy to work with, conducts electricity, never tarnishes, can be made into thin wires or sheets and maintains its luster over time.

We use gold to power our electronics, explore outer space, treat medical conditions and even make glass.


Gold is a great conductor and since it doesn’t corrode like other materials it can be found in almost every electronic device including cell phones, televisions and GPS units. In computers, gold is used to quickly transfer digital information from one part of the computer to the other.


While gold helps power machines in hospitals and doctor’s offices, it is also used to treat a handful of medical conditions. Some forms of cancer are treated with gold isotopes and gold has also been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Dentists also use gold for fillings, crowns, bridges and in some cases to replace teeth.

Space exploration:

Once a spaceship launches maintenance becomes very difficult. NASA and others rely on gold to protect astronauts from radiation and keep the equipment from overheating. It is also used to help lubricate mechanical parts and conduct electricity.

Glass making:

Gold’s ability to reflect solar radiation has made it an important coating for glass. In winter, this helps buildings stay warm and in the summer it helps keep the heat out. Gold can also be used to tint glass a deep red.

Whether we see it or not, gold is used to power our lives every day. At the Stibnite Gold site, we have the potential to produce millions of ounces of gold. Mining the site will help us continue to have access to the gold we need.

Midas Gold – Gold Infographic (PDF version)

Midas Gold - Gold Infographic - 4

Midas Gold - Gold Infographic - 4

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