Student learns leadership by getting outside

Student learns leadership by getting outside

Published on April 29, 2016


At Midas Gold, we want to see the students in Valley County realize and achieve their dreams. We believe education is a crucial element to their future success. So every year, we select deserving students from McCall Donnelly High School, Heartland High School, Cascade High School, Meadows Valley High School and Lapwai High School and give them college scholarships.

We also provide one scholarship to a student still in high school so they can attend the Alzar School in Cascade, a semester-long outdoor leadership program. Kaylee Arnold, from Cascade High School, was the latest student we sponsored to go through the program.

“My Alzar School experience allowed me to realize that I could lead others to make a difference,” said Kaylee. “I am constantly surprised to find myself using skills that I developed while at this unique institution.”

At the end of the Alzar School, students are expected to organize a leadership program for their community. Kaylee took junior high students on a weekend expedition to help grow their appreciation of the outdoors and teach important life skills. She also challenged the students to think about what they could do to have a positive impact on their community.

Kaylee graduates from high school this summer. We are extremely proud of her and the other students who received scholarships and have no doubt they are all on their way to having positive influence on our community.

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