Our new study brings us one step closer to restoring the site

Our new study brings us one step closer to restoring the site

Published on December 15, 2014


The Stibnite Gold Project site has a long history of mining which caused significant environmental impacts. We started with the end in mind and made it a priority to incorporate the cleanup and repair of historical damage into the design of the Stibnite Gold Project, as well as building a sustainable future. Our concept includes implementing the cleanup required to address the effects of historical use, including sediment runoff, water quality and environmental degradation, from the earliest days of project construction, minimizing incremental disturbance from new activities, and improving the environmental sustainability of the site. This includes concentrating new operations on previously disturbed land, rehabilitating streams to allow fish migration into the upper watershed for the first time since the 1930s, planting trees to reduce sediment run-off and landslides and employing sustainable environmental practices throughout the life of the project.

You can read a summary of our preliminary feasibility study which outlines an economically feasible, socially and environmentally sound project that could finance restoration of an old mining site.


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